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About iSoundpost

iSoundpost, Carrier for soundpost ,the Tonal Activator for your instrument. This device improves the tonal quality of any stringed instrument.

Sound post, or soul post, is the heart and soul of a stringed instrument. For hundreds of years, luthiers look for the best quality of pine, cutting them to make sound post that will fit perfectly inside the instrument. They also adjust its position to locate the best quality tone. Unfortunately, limited by the quality of wood and inferior craftsman, the result was a tonal production reduced by 20 percent. A poorly crafted sound post will also harm the interior of a stringed instrument.


The purpose behind the creation of iSoundpost is to maximize the sound production and reduce the harm conventional sound post caused on a stringed instrument.

Main components: Bearing, bearing joint, cylinder, core.
Depending on each instrument’s character and need, iSoundpost can be assembled by two or three cylinders, with different selection of cores to choose from, either straight or upside-down position. Each iSoundpost comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This allows instrument to function continuously at its full potential without any interruption. From its outer appearance, what stands out the most are the wine-glass design shape of its bearing joint, and the two inverted ball bearings. The ball bearing bush are designed to turn in every direction, while its bearing bush are allowed to turn as wide as 40 degrees. After countless hours of research and development, we were able to eliminate all noises caused by the contact point between the spherical bearing and its joint. Inside the cylinder are special designed sound cave and light weighted cobalt-nickel magnet, favorable for both acoustic qualities and installation. iSoundpost's applications are fused from different composite materials, allowing its vibration to reach varieties of frequency. As a result of installing iSoundpost, the instrument will reach its peak in volume, sound quality and playability, allowing performer to manage its instrument with ease, and protect the interior of the instrument.